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Post  Shaggy_McLovin on Fri May 10, 2013 4:52 pm

Fire Charm - Fire DEF Plus: Minimum
Best Attack - Amanojaku+ 7600/5600
Best Defence - Cacus+ 5250/7500
Monsters - Amanojaku R+, Cacus R+, Amanojaku R, Demeter of Turkey R, Greeting Amanojaku R, Flame Pumpkin King R, Dodo C+, Nagas C+

Fireball - Fire ATK Increase: Minimum
Best Attack - Melkisedec 6850/5850
Best Defence - Melkisedec 6850/5850
Monsters - Salamander R+, Bandersnatch R, Blazing Leo R, Dark Fenrir R, Melkisedec R, Red Guardian Dragon R, Salamander R, Ettin C+, Frankenstein C+, Garm C+, Kokopelli C+, Nightmare C+

Fireball+ - Fire ATK Increase: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Fafnir+ 7200/5650
Best Defence - King Leo of Fire+ 6950/6250
Monsters - Fafnir R+, Fire Dragon 2013 R+, Garnet Dragon R+, King Leo of Fire R+, Red Gaurdian Dragon R+, Dead Frogger C+

Fire Pillars - Fire DEF Increase: Moderate
Best Attack - Phoenix+ 7710/4250
Best Defence - Skanda+ 5600/8650
Monsters - Ba'al SR, Undead Lord SR, Phoenix R+, Skanda R+, Skanda R

Fire Shield - Fire DEF Increase: Minimum
Best Attack - Ifrit+ 6100/4500
Best Defence - Jambavat 5300/6750
Monsters - Bai Ze R+, Ifrit R+, Claus R, Jambavat R, Nan-doh Shinchun R, Tuxedo Turkey R, Wild Hog R, Magic Lamp C+, Ovininque C+, Spartan C+, Troll C+, Flame Petite Dragon C

Fire Shield+ - Fire DEF Increase: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Mushnahhu+ 6100/8500
Best Defence - Mushnahhu+ 6100/8500
Monsters - Mushnahhu R+, Wyvern R+, Flame Lord Griffon R, Flame Rodent C+

Fire Spark - Fire ATK plus: Minimum
Best Attack - Knight of Flame 6900/4850
Best Defence - Gaap 6700/6650
Monsters - Knight of Flame SR, Dominion R, Gaap R, Sebek R, Carbuncle C+, Melusine C+

Fire Spark+ - Fire ATK plus: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Gaap+ 7950/7900
Best Defence - Gaap+ 7950/7900
Monsters - Baphomet R+, Gaap R+, Baphomet R, Flame Spirit R, Nephilim R, Ghost C+

Flameball - Fire ATK Increase: Small
Best Attack - Melkisedec+ 8150/6800
Best Defence - Theia[Sun]+ 7880/7600
Monsters - Apophis R+, Bandersnatch R+, Melkisedec R+, Orge R+, Theia[Sun] R+, Apophis R, G.G.Golem R, Koios of Warlock R, Scroogie R, Garuda C+, Humbaba C+, Ugallu C+

Flameball+ - Fire ATK Increase: Small (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Quetzalcoatl+ 7710/4250
Best Defence - Volcanic Typhon+ 7400/7050
Monsters - Quetzalcoatl R+, Volcanic Typhon R+

Flame Armour - Fire DEF Increase: Small
Best Attack - Twin Saw+ 8770/4270
Best Defence - Jambavat+ 6300/8000
Monsters - Heat Mammoth R+, Jambavat R+, Minotaur Lord R+, Nan-doh Shinchun R+, Twin Saw R+, Vucub-Caquix R+, Bomb Squirrel R, Dark Phoenix R, General Commander R, Red Crystal Dragon R, Vucub-Caquix R

Kindling Fire - Enemy Earth ATK Decrease: Minimum
Best Attack - Roc+ 7550/5400
Best Defence - Anat+ 5550/7950
Monsters - Anat R+, Roc R+, Anat R, Roc R, Thrones R, Leprechaun C+

Kindling Fire+ - Enemy Earth ATK Decrease: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Horus 7150/8300
Best Defence - Thrones+ 6250/8400
Monsters - Horus SR, Thrones R+

Poison Breeze - Enemy Earth DEF Decrease: Small
Best Attack - Diablos+ 8050/6950
Best Defence - Skeleton Warrior+ 5700/7350
Monsters - Brunhild R+, Diablos R+, Icarus R+, Skeleton Warrior R+, Amaethon R, Flame Mantis R, Skeleton Warrior R, Surtr R

Salty Breeze - Enemy Earth DEF Decrease: Minimum
Best Attack - Nergal 7000/5950
Best Defence - Mini Diablo+ 6780/6400
Monsters - Mini Diablo R+, Brunhild R, Diablos R, Icarus R, Mini Diablo R, Nergal R, Audumbla C+, Skeleton Fighter C+, Wraith C+

Salty Breeze+ - Enemy Earth DEF Decrease: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Beatrice 8450/6500
Best Defence - Beatrice 8450/6500
Monsters - Beatrice SR, Nergal R+, Cetik C+

(Thought I try something and see if others follow suit. Maybe a chart can be set up.)

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