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Post  Shaggy_McLovin on Fri May 10, 2013 5:40 pm

Ice Armour - Water DEF Increase: Small
Best Attack - Ullikummi+ 7500/7400
Best Defence - Areion+ 6050/7900
Monsters - Areion R+, Sedona R+, Ullikummi R+, Blue Crystal Dragon R, Jotunheim R, Lizard Knight R, Mermaid Squirrel R, Mister Snowman R, Ullikummi R, Aqua Petite Dragon C+, Geryon C+, Ice Giant C+, Sea Monk C+

Poison Fog - Enemy Fire Defence Decrease: Small
Best Attack - Cupid+ 8000/6200
Best Defence - Capricorn+ 6700/8100
Monsters - Capricorn R+, Cupid R+, Night Gaunt R+, Niamh R, Night Gaunt R, Ninja Hopper R

Water Breath - Water ATK Increase: Small
Best Attack - Hyperion+ 8200/6650
Best Defence - Theia[Moon]+ 7880/7600
Monsters - Astaroth R+, Astraia R+, Hyperion R+, Tootie R+, Theia[Moon] R+, Astaroth R, Koios of Berserker R, Muse of Niagara R, Ice Salamander C+, Pegasus C+, Peryton C+, Sahagin Mage C+

Water Charm - Water DEF Plus: Minimum
Best Attack - Merman Guard 6000/6950
Best Defence - Aspidochelon+ 5850/8000
Monsters - Aspidochelon R+, Aqua Pumpkin King R, Aspidochelon R, Demeter of Nectar R, Mammonites R, Merman Guard R, Seraphim R, Lemures C+

Water Charm+ - Water DEF Plus: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate)
Best Attack - Merman Guard+ 7100/8150
Best Defence - Merman Guard+ 7100/8150
Monsters - Merman Guard R+

Water Pistol - Water ATK Increase : Minimum
Best Attack - Strega+ 7880/5780
Best Defence - Tarroth+ 6000/7900
Monsters - Frau R+, Strega R+, Tarroth R+, Aerial Reindeer R, Astraia R, Aqua Leo R, Blue Gaurdian Dragon R, Dark Kelpie R, Hyperion R, Strega R, Apsara C+, Cactus Cat C+, Crystal Golem C+, Sahagin C+, Sky Fish C+

Water Squirts - Water ATK Plus: Minimum
Best Attack - Sahagin Warlock+ 7100/4100
Best Defence - Empusa+ 4600/6050
Monsters - Sahagin Warlock R+, Butler Yeti R, Strega R, Empusa C+, Tree Duckbill C+

(Thought I try something and see if others follow suit. Maybe a chart can be set up.).

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