A lot of newbie questions

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A lot of newbie questions Empty A lot of newbie questions

Post  dragonguiser on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:30 am

Just play this for a couple of days, quite a few questions to ask: thanks for those who answer Very Happy Very Happy

1. What is the use of gold and pink jellies? It seems all jellies have some specific use but I cannot figure out

2. Where to get evolve and dragon jellies?

3. What is the use of C+ red sweet? I used it for exp but did not increase too much, unlike red sweet

4. When boosting skill levels, does it have to be the same? For example, can I use fireball on flame ball or fireball +?

5. Looks like a lot of R cards (or even R+) are totally useless. What do we usually do with them?

Thanks for pros : 0 pirat pirat


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