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Post  Shaggy_McLovin on Fri May 10, 2013 5:49 pm

Spiky Thorns - Enemy Water DEF Decrease: Minimum
Best Attack - Arachne+ - 7850/5520
Best Defence - Pumpkin Witch+ - 6880/6120
Monsters - Arachne R+, Pumpkin Witch R+, Abaddon R, Arachne R, Cyclops G R, Pumpkin Witch R, Razgriz R, Brownie C+, Dryad C+, Giant Statue C+, Gorgon C+

Spiky Thorns+ - Enemy Water DEF Decrease: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Morgan Le Fay - 8500/6300
Best Defence - Abaddon+ - 8350/6150
Monsters - Morgan Le Fay SR, Abaddon R+, Young Trent C+

Tree Seedling - Earth ATK Plus: Minimum
Best Attack - Knight of Gaia 6900/4850
Best Defence - Zalkenfraulein+ 2900/4900
Monsters - Knight of Gaia SR, Artemis R, Cherubim R, Palm Bat C+, Pan C+, Zalkenfraulein C+

Tree Seedling+ - Earth ATK Plus: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Sariel+ 7100/3600
Best Defence - Sariel+ 7100/3600
Monsters - Sariel R+, Sariel R, Wererat C+

Wooden Shield - Earth DEF Increase: Minimum
Best Attack - Pharaoh Mummy+ 6100/5550
Best Defence - Zahhak+ 6000/7750
Monsters - Nandi R+, Pharaoh Mummy R+, Zahhak R+, Babymoth R, Carla R, Green Gaurdian Dragon R, Harvest Fairy R, Jolly Sequoia Trent R, Urania R, Zahhak R, Cockatrice C+, Giant C+, Lycanthrope C+, Mash Caterpillar C+, Zaqqum C+

Wooden Shield+ - Earth DEF Increase: Minimum (In a battle force/Launches at high rate!)
Best Attack - Jormungandr+ 6300/8300
Best Defence - Jormungandr+ 6300/8300
Monsters - Green Gaurdian Dragon R+, Jormungandr R+, Wyrm R+, Gaia Lord Griffon R, Mummy Cat C+

(Thought I try something and see if others follow suit. Maybe a chart can be set up.).

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